About Piruqatigiit

About Piruqatigiit

Piruqatigiit Resource Centre

Piruqatigiit Resource Centre

About Piruqatigiit Resource Centre

We are a nonprofit organization located in Iqaluit, Nunavut providing evidence-based, culturally guided education, support and programming for Nunavummiut with suspected and confirmed FASD and their families across the lifespan. We work collaboratively with organizations and services to ensure a wraparound circle of support. Piruqatigiit also provides FASD training and education for organizations and service providers.

Piruqatigiit – ‘grow together’ or ‘growing together’ was chosen as our centre’s name as we grow together in knowledge, in experience and as a community. Programming and resources are accessible for Nunaummiut of all ages, and we will be here for individuals and families across the lifespan – growing together.


Piruqatigiit Resource Centre holds a vision for Nunavummiut with suspected and confirmed FASD to experience improved quality of life and equitable opportunities to participate in places of learning, working, and gathering in community. We envision services, systems and the general public to become FASD aware and informed in a way that promotes dignity, equity, accessibility and inclusion for Nunavummiut with FASD and their loved ones.


To provide evidence-based, Inuit guided and informed programming, education, resources and support to Nunavummiut with suspected and confirmed FASD and their families across the lifespan. Piruqatigiit will also be a leader in developing and providing evidence-based, community-responsive FASD training and education to community members, organizations and systems to promote FASD informed policy, practices and knowledge capacity within Nunavut.

Inuit Advisory Circle

Beginning in 2018 with a 3-day knowledge gathering, Inuit community members guided and informed the creation of Piruqatigiit Resource Centre and our operational model. Some members continue to advise the Centre, facilitate programming, and provide translations of our materials to Inuktut.

Piruqatigiit Resource Centre’s Inuit Advisory Circle strongly supports an open discussion of FASD that is respectful and strengths-based, so that Nunavummiut with suspected and confirmed FASD can receive the support and accommodations that they might need without shame or stigma.

Knowledge Gathering participants: Annie Napayok, Annie Nattaq, Simon Nattaq, Nash Sagiatook, Amy Lewis, Shuvinai Mike, Veronica Atagoyuk, and Noah Noah.